You will never have this day again, so make it count.

Hello my loves, I hope life is treating you well. Here’s to my first blog post! 

So I’m quite the believer of making every minute count, not to waste any time on making decisions I’ll soon regret, but to follow my heart and open it to those around me. 

Im 17 years old, so still only ‘young’ from many aspects, however I have experienced what I could say many adults have only in their life time. Love, loss, pain, heartbreak, regret, sound familiar? I  may be young, but honestly I seem to have accomplished the lot. Here I am talking about the past, but really, the past isn’t what matters to me any more. Wholeheartedly I tell you I will only let my mind attend to the present and the future. Why should I let the past get in the way of my high-spirits and wellbeing. 

You will never have this day again, so make it count. Don’t live in the past, full of regrets and many substandard faded memories, appreciate what you have, and embrace it. Welcome the love.

Live freely from your past, and start fresh, that’s what the New Years for am I right? 

Sprinkle glitter on the bland x


Author: Glitter and Bland

A somewhat inspired young girl, embarking upon the emergence of adulthood, touching the non-fictional world of wonder as an army of one.

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