Cold friends are old friends.

Betrayal, something I appear to know too much about, considering I’ve experienced the matter a billion times by fake humans, fake friends. No, friends should be loyal, am I right? Sadly I must admit I’ve only ever had 1 loyal creature in my very existence, my best friend, however it’s not all bad; because I’ve got the bloody most bewildering chum of human kind. 

I’ve had the chance to contemplate much of my time recently, since having more than a number of arguments with more than a number of my alleged ‘friends’, and tonight having a rather useful conversation with my sister, apologies truly mean nothing if used for the same reasoning over and over. I’ve been betrayed, forgotten, pushed away… but I’m done. I’m over the people who feel like that is ok, to hurt, judge, embarrass, or loose a friend, for what, to prove a point? That’s just hideous.

I would most definitely class myself as a forgiving person, as seen with experience, but I refuse to be a push over, I need to stick up for myself, keep my standards high, and my head held higher. I may still be young, but I know my right from wrong, and I certainly know what I deserve. I’ve made a pact, that I’m to drop those who’ve dropped me, forget the past, ignore others judgements and disagreements, and to do this for myself, go my own way, make my own bridges to fall from, and be true to who I am, whoever that may be.

I’m not perfect, I am far from perfect, but I don’t want to be, mistakes are to be made for a reason, to improve upon, and to learn from, but I’m not here to make the same mistakes again.

Sprinkle glitter on the bland x